Who’s In Charge Around Here?

Feels like we’re just waiting, waiting
While our hearts are just breaking, breaking
Feels like we’re fighting against the tide
I wanna see the earth shaking
I wanna see a generation
Finally waking up inside

Where I Belong – Switchfoot

Is the world as we know it falling apart? I mean there is more than enough evidence pointing towards yes. Maybe to you Donald Trump is the embodiment of a world crashing down. Possibly Isis and issues surrounding refugee displacement feels like a crumbling foundation. And that’s only global problems, sometimes the world falls apart on a much more personal level. Loved ones dying, contemplating your own death, family doesn’t live up to expectations put on them, substance abuse, doubt, anger, loneliness, identity. All of these things and more make up our world and it is hard to see past any of it. Well if the world as we know it is truly falling apart, I need to ask this; what do we really know anyway? I see it as an issue of control. I am created and I have a Creator, which grounds me. Now we hear all the time that it is all in control, and He hold’s it in His hands. but does that mean God want’s to build a big wall? Does that mean God killed your mom? Does that mean God is Isis? Obviously not, it even sounds preposterous. But when stuck in the middle it definitely feels that way. Life crisis is just as inevitable as forest fire. We operate a controlled burn in an area of forest, we do not prevent the fire. When you take the fire and control it’s path we can dictate where it goes and how far the damage reaches.  Even as I write that it doesn’t make anything at all make any more sense to me, but it does remind me to shut up, trust, and let my Creator burn a fire through my life in a way only He knows will not reach and destroy any more than it needs to.

I am surrounded by a big dark cloud of political, theological, humanitarian, legalistic arguments. Honestly I am getting tired of it, and getting tired of being a contributor. I want my life to be surrounded by love and pour that out onto those around me. I think the arguments can add to this feeling of a world falling apart because the more we talk about it the less control we realize we have, but we still grasp for more. I want to make this post and the posts that follow (and who am I kidding, my real life conversations too) to be not so much a theological debate on the right and wrong, but to be an open ended discussion where together we go deeper into the love of an amazing Creator. So here we go; How do I give over control?

Many times over my life I have found that some of the very simple Bible stories from my childhood can be revisited and honestly blow my mind (I guess the Bible really is inspired by God). I have been working through the Armour of God (found in Ephesians 6) in my head and some really cool stuff has been coming from it. And I think that it really fits into this theme of giving over control. Armour really serves little to no purpose if you do not trust it to do it’s job, its much harder to stop a puck if the goalie doesn’t think his pads work. So in putting on each piece of metaphorical armour we are entrusting ourselves to things such as truth, faith, the gospel and Holy Spirit. When I read about the Belt of Truth I think of a belt as that which holds something up. I think it is no coincidence that it is the first piece in this list because truth should be what we set as our foundation and something that holds up. I truly believe that my Creator is in control and that is the truth to stick to and set a foundation in. Now our bodies have vital organs, making our head and torso critical parts to protect. What does the Bible say protects our vital parts? The Helmet of Salvation and the Breastplate of Righteousness. Honestly these go so hand in hand. It is by our repentance that we are saved and brought into righteousness. Salvation and righteousness coexist, And as much as I can lay in bed doubting myself and my salvation, this verse is saying that my salvation and righteousness are something that once I have put do not condemn me but rather protect my most vital aspects of life.

We hear quite often in Christian circles that we are to step out in faith under the protection of the Spirit of God. Now I am in no way claiming that that is wrong or bad theology, I believe it is completely true but I want to kind of look at the idea of flipping that around sometimes. The Armour of God lists the Shield of Faith (defensive) and Sword of the Spirit (offensive). Sometimes I think that I don’t have enough faith to go out and do anything honestly. But this verse is telling me that my faith is not which I go out in but rather it is what protects me as I do. It lists the Spirit as the sole offensive piece of armour. I think sometimes we just go with the Spirit with faith to defend. That sounds quite convoluted and might just be semantics but it was a breakthrough for me to see the opposite side even if it doesn’t change much in the end result.

Last I wanted to mention the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace. We do not just go anywhere aimlessly, we go with a mission. A simple mission for a simple gospel: Love. If we have direction it is much less likely to lose track and fall back into a life of grasping for control. The ESV says gospel of peace and to me I think that really in this world that is kind of falling apart all we want is a little peace. So throw on the shoes and everything else and go find out what a life of being okay with no control feels like, I mean what do you have to lose? It’s already crashing down isn’t it?

*As I said I want this to be an open discussion so please comment if you want to contribute I would truly love it. As well if you like this blog or any past ones please share my stuff on social media it will help get my name out farther which is another thing I truly would love.*


3 thoughts on “Who’s In Charge Around Here?

  1. Good words, Gil. Love the peace shoes part. As you might remember me saying a bunch of times in the summer, my meditation and focus is to create beauty, give love, and find peace. Such simple words, when placed together, can be one’s focus for a lifetime.


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